Park Creators

The Jewel of Downtown Greenville

The transformation of Falls Park from a state of neglect to splendor would not have been possible without the involvement of an engaged community. Partnerships between the City of Greenville, Furman University and Carolina Foothills Garden Club paved the way for the birth of the Falls Park Endowment. Generous corporate and individual sponsors provided the seed money that allowed the project to take root. Today Falls Park is a jewel in downtown Greenville.

A unique collaboration of talented individuals and organizations made Falls Park possible:

  • Bridge Architect Miguel Rosales

    : This internationally acclaimed designer created a vision for the park's signature feature, The Liberty Bridge.
  • Carolina Foothills Garden Club:

    Led by Anna Kate Hipp and Pedrick Lowery, the Garden Club pushed for a Master Plan and then led the fund raising effort that created the Falls Park Endowment.
  • City Council:

    Under the leadership of Mayor Knox White, the City Council voted to remove the Camperdown Bridge; then they crafted a public-private partnership to transform the space.
  • Furman University:

    Formerly located next to Falls Park, Furman University donated the 6 acres surrounding the falls to the City.
  • Garden Designer Andrea Mains:

    This Washington, D.C.-based landscape architect created the park Master Plan in 1999, focusing on the creation of garden spaces to complement the park's natural features.
  • Paul Ellis:

    The City's former Parks and Recreation Department director was one of the park's visionaries and worked to coordinate the design and construction of Falls Park.
  • Tom Keith:

    Greenville landscape architect Tom Keith, of Arbor Engineering, served as the lead designer, tasked with coordinating the design team of architects, bridge designers and engineers. He also helped with onsite supervision for all the site components, including walks, boulder and landscaping.
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