Greenville Housing Fund


Beginning in 2016, the City of Greenville conducted a  two-phase study and strategy for affordable housing in Greenville, leading to the creation of the Greenville Housing Fund (GHF), a 501c3 organization operating under the existing Community Works umbrella.

The Greenville Housing Fund has three goals: serve as an advocate and champion for affordable housing in Greenville; invest in affordable housing development and purchase land for affordable housing development.

While the Greenville Housing Fund will initially invest in projects that provide affordable housing for households with annual incomes between $15,000 and $55,000, it has the flexibility to move beyond these limits as project and market conditions allow.

recent awards and updates

The Greenville Housing Fund has awarded a total of $863,000 to Habitat for Humanity, Homes of Hope and Bywater Development to build new affordable housing and preserve existing affordable housing in the city of Greenville.

Habitat for Humanity will build six homes and develop seven rental homes in the Sterling community, Homes of Hope will develop nine rental homes on scattered sites throughout the city and Bywater Development will renovate Stratham Place Apartments, upgrading and preserving 88 affordable rental homes.

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