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Contractor Letter of Authorization

Certificate of Occupancy Applications

Grading Permits

A Grading Permit must be purchased from the City before land disturbing activities can occur. A Grading Permit may be purchased only after the proposed development is issued a Storm Water Permit by the City of Greenville.

Special Inspection Procedure

Requirements for third party inspections. Special inspectors must be licensed through Labor License & Regulation (LLR).

Other Permit Forms

Site Plan Permit Applications

Pursuant to Section 19-2.3.9, Site Plan Permit, all development or redevelopment of any structure or parcel of land within the City requires the issuance of a Site Plan Permit prior to the issuance of any other building or construction related permit.

Stormwater Permit Requirements & Forms

If the proposed work is not individual single family construction and otherwise meets any of the conditions listed below, a Stormwater Permit is required prior to initiating any improvements, whether demolition or construction:
  • Disturbs 10,000 square feet or more
  • Is part of a larger common plan (LCP) of development (like a subdivision or office park)
  • Is located in an Environmental Special Management Area (within or adjacent to a regulatory floodplain, wetlands, or buffer areas adjacent to impoundments, streams, or wetlands)
Please see the Site Development and Permits and Forms pages for additional information.

Trade Permit Applications

  • Electrical Permit (PDF): This application is used for all electrical work within any structure both residential and commercial.
  • Mechanical Permit (PDF): This application is used for all heating, air conditioning and ventilation work and associated gas service connections within any structure both residential and commercial.
  • Plumbing Permit (PDF): This application is used for all plumbing work within any structure both residential and commercial.

Zoning Administrative Forms

Pursuant to Section 19-2.3.12, Certificate of Compliance, when a change of use does not require a Site Plan Permit, a Certificate of Compliance is required in order to ensure that proposed use complies with the Land Management Ordinance.