The Neighborhood Sidewalk Targeted Expansion Program (NSTEP) is the City’s adopted program for constructing new sidewalks on City streets. The Program was initiated in 1999 at the direction of Mayor and City Council in response to comments received, through city-wide surveys and neighborhood meetings. These comments were regarding the desire to enhance pedestrian safety and mobility through an improved network of sidewalks within the City.

NSTEP Committee

A citizen’s advisory group was commissioned and met between January and May of 1999 to develop a program for evaluating sidewalk construction projects, establishing project priority, addressing design and structural issues, and identifying funding opportunities.
3 construction workers working on a sidewlak with a woman behind them smiling
Based on its findings, the NSTEP committee developed the Sidewalk Project Evaluation Form which creates a ranking system upon which all City streets without sidewalk are rated. NSTEP projects are selected based on the street ranking.


NSTEP is managed by the Engineering Division and is funded through the City’s Capital Improvement Program. To date, the program has resulted in the construction of approximately 8 miles of new sidewalk throughout the City of Greenville.

More Information

For additional information regarding the City’s NSTEP program and / or information regarding sidewalk on your street, please contact the City of Greenville, Engineering Division at 864-467-4400.

Street Resurfacing & Pavement Management Program

 A primary responsibility of the Engineering Division is managing the City’s Pavement Management Program for street resurfacing and maintenance. More info

Street & Alley Abandonment

Street and Alley Abandonment requests are administered by the City’s Engineering Division in accordance with City Resolution Number 96-25.

Application Process

Right of way abandonment requests require the submittal of a petition with a $150 application fee and a recordable survey of the abandonment area. The petition has to be signed by the applicant and preferably as many supporting property owners having frontage on the section of right of way to be abandoned.

The scheduling involves typically a 2-week review period by all City Departments, utilities and agencies that may be impacted by the abandonment to be followed by a public hearing and two Council readings for final approval. A typical abandonment application takes 10-12 weeks for review and approval from the application date.

More Information

For additional information regarding street and alley abandonments, please contact the Engineering Division at 864-467-4400.

Survey Plat Review

Retracement surveys for boundary, mortgage, closing and any other type of survey that does not result in a modification to the existing property lines require approval from the Engineering Division prior to being recorded at the Greenville County Register of Deeds office. Plat reviews are performed by the Survey Manager for the City of Greenville and can be submitted, reviewed and approved electronically.

More Information

For submittal, please email a pdf of the survey to For additional information regarding the retracement survey approval process, please contact the Engineering Division at 864-467-4400.